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Using the “I was recently laid off” line to get things for free

Well, today I drove to DT Seattle to go to my dentist appointment and parked Jerry Jetta at Pacific Place. When I went to check in, they said that my appointment was NEXT week. So, I used the line “so I was recently laid off and I was wondering if you’d still validate my parking; it was my mistake I realize – I can’t seem to keep track of the days of the week now that I don’t have a schedule!” She smiled and said, “Sure, I think we can do that for you” and handed me four dollars worth of tokens. “Wow” I thought to myself, “that was really nice” and headed back to my car.

Then I got to the ticket counter at Pac Place, handed the lady my ticket and it rang up as “no charge” because it had only been 10 minutes. So, using the line “I was recently laid off” paid off for me today and I have $4 in parking tokens at Pacific Place which will pay for one hour of parking in the future.

So – use that line and let me know what you get for free – guarantee it works – for drinks especially!










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