Hello Ladies and Lords of Leisure!

Hello my unemployed friends in Seattle!  I thought it might be fun to start a little website community that’s dedicated to everyone who has been laid off due to the horrible economy. I know what I do all day as an unemployed Seattleite… and as the founder of the LOL club I will blog about that and will also blog about other random things that pop into my head. But, what I really want to know is what YOU are doing with your days.

We all know it’s important to job search, but it’s impossible to do this all day without sticking a fork into your eye. It’s frustrating as hell and taking time to relax the mind, body and spirit are important. It’s also important to know that you aren’t alone and there are people out there just like you in the same boat – some of us rowing in a circle and getting really sick of talking to oneself all day.

So, this website is going to be a community for us. A resource for the unemployed – best happy hours on a budget, best networking groups, best place to meet up for coffee, best things to do for free to escape, best websites for job hunting, best things that happened to you today – get the picture?  


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  1. I love the site… Today is day 1.5 of my first ever layoff. After today, I can talk about my “D-Day”…

    As for today… Applied for jobs, Facebooked, Went for a bike ride and built this site… and it’s not even lunch time yet. I’d better slow down

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