90 years on the earth – happy birthday grandma!

Just wanted to dedicate this post to my grandmother, a true lady of leisure, who turned 90 today. I like the elderly and think they have some fun stories to share if we just take the time to listen. Here are a couple of my favorite short stories from her youth – we have cats on leashes and rubber swimsuits so keep reading! 

First story – my grandma was picked up by her late husband (my grandpa Phil) when she was walking her cat on a leash. She said some guy “kept lurking around” and looked sort of “wolfish” (no joke, this is how she described him and she still married him!) Ladies, I have two cats if anyone wants to borrow one and give it a go! Louis Feline III for rent @ $10 aday! 

Next story – my grandmother actually had a powder blue rubber Goodyear swimsuit that she bought for $1. And, one day when she was swimming at Fox Lake with her friends, the strap broke so she took the rubber suit to a car repair shop just up the street and they patched it for her so she could keep on swimming.

And to close – some advice for our generation from my grandmother on her 90th birthday. Paraphrasing, she said that we shouldn’t spend too much time worrying, you can’t always solve everything and usually things have a way of working themselves out in the end. She said we should enjoy life as much as much as we possibly can and that there are plenty of hardships along the way.  

I think I will take her advice because if I spend the next 55 years of my life worrying as much as I do, I won’t be around to see 90 in the year 2064! Yikes!


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