Clowns aren’t laughing

OK, I about choked on my coffee when I saw the news today that that Children’s Hospital started laying off clowns because donations are down. I thought recessions were good for the entertainment industry (such as Netflix), but apparently clowns aren’t funny enough to survive! My big problem with this is that while many adults don’t really find clowns to be funny (likely because of the movie Poltergeist), most kids respond to these costumed crazies and doesn’t laughter make the best medicine?

This is sad and thankfully I have my health and am not suffering from a terminal illness, but I do have my ups and downs post layoff and find that a great escape is to laugh. If a clown showed up at my door, I would probably freak out at first and think to myself – who is this freak-show and why are they here? But imagine the laughs after the fact – not only would I be rolling on the floor laughing, but I would email everyone I knew a photo of the clown at my door trying to make me smile. Then THEY would be laughing that this happened to me and they’d probably email it to everyone they knew just for kicks. Laughter is contagious and it is the best medicine. I can’t believe the hospital is choosing to give the big-shoed, red nosed, happy-makers their walking papers over something else. Might be time I take my costume-less clown self out of hiding and step out into the world to entertain those that need a good laugh the most.


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