Music, toilets and shirts with holes

One month post layoff as of yesterday. Funny how time flies when unemployed and I have no idea how that happens. Its not like I am doing anything particularly exciting with my days. Yes, I do wake up a little later,  by about an hour. And I’ve started blogging every day, which is difficult because I don’t always have something to say – like today – this blog post is probably going to bore the hell out of you. But, maybe the few followers that I have are interested in how I spend my days, wishing themselves to be unemployed and a lady or lord of leisure. So – if that’s the case – here’s how I’m rolling today.

What I am wearing? House pants, of course. They are level 3 because as you might recall from my previous post, I am very low on level 4 and 5 house pants. I am also sporting a very worn long sleeve t-shirt from Mike’s Bike Tour in Munich Germany back in 1998. It has a frayed neck hole and sleeves, a 2″ hole in each armpit and the silk screen imprints on both sides of the shirt are pretty much non-existent. But, the shirt rocks and I am keeping it forever!

What am I listening to? Right now my Zune is docked in my Kicker with my “favs” play list going and as I write this paragraph, Telepopmusik is playing “Breathe”. It’s great lounge music – great with wine – sort of reminds me of the music playing inside W Hotels. On deck, Augustana, The Fray, Blue Octoberand some other “favs”. Yes, a Zune and not an iPod so step off because as I write this post and my Zune sits in the dock, I am wirelessly updating my play lists. Can you do that? 

What did I do right before this blog post? Cleaned the house because I have friends coming over and my brother is coming in from out of town.

What part of the house was the dirtiest? I guess that depends on how you define dirty. I found some good size hair balls under my couch that if left another week would probably sprout legs and attack my cats. I also found a very nice colored ring in my toilet, scum in my shower and a week old Italian Meat Pie pan in my kitchen sink starting to sour. Louis also left a fresh one for me in the litter box. So, yes…I am a complete slob it appears as an unemployed LOL, but its all picked up now so please be my friend!  

I guess that’s it for today. I’d better shower. Everyone have a great day!


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