Changing the world one blog post at a time

While I have high hopes that my blog will change the world and I have already been asked to be a guest on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, I think I need to set more realistic expectations. Maybe this blog just changes one life at a time, starting with mine and through my stories I keep a handful of others entertained for one day or a lifetime.

Since I’ve started blogging, I have also come across people in the same boat as me, blogging during unemployment. These two sites are particularly entertaining and after reading their stories, it makes me feel better about my new status.

While I am choosing to press pause on the job search temporarily to figure out what the hell I am doing on this earth, it makes me wonder if I have set the wrong expectations. Is it selfish to think that someone has a bigger purpose on the earth and that I should follow my insticts even in this horrible economy?



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2 responses to “Changing the world one blog post at a time

  1. Jennifer

    Hi Keri and sister! Funny pics from Target…enjoying those. What’s up with the weather and Ellen??? Go girl!

  2. loladmin

    I think people might be confused by my post. I haven’t been asked to join Ellen YET – only in my head! LOL!

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