Pink-slip party splits hairs over fries

Yesterday I had lunch with two of my pink-slip pals from Microsoft and I was pleasantly surprised at how relaxed they both seemed. While the media tries to instill fear with all the doom and gloom, then attempts to season that bad news with one slightly more positive piece about a Turkish man who escapes near death, it’s nice to see that there are still a handful of us trying to embrace this time off rather than fighting what’s out of our control. Or so I thought…

While we all seemingly appeared to be cool with our greatly reduced incomes, and we chose a location that didn’t have any pink-slip lunch specials and required us to pay for metered parking, when our lunch bill finally came for 2 pitchers of PBR ($18), 3 wild boar sloppy joes ($30) and 2 sides of fries ($6), I felt that awkward pause as we all tried to digest the $60 bill. Someone finally broke the silence with, “should we just split this three ways?” Someone (uh, that’d be me) responded with, “I didn’t order fries and only ate a handful of yours.” Someone delivered a “well I didn’t drink my fair share of beer so…”

Well, there is is. I was guilty of trying to split hairs over $6 worth of fries, as my fear of running out of money took hold. Seems I am not immune to media influence after all.



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2 responses to “Pink-slip party splits hairs over fries

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