Debbie Downer reporting for duty

I really try to avoid being Debbie Downer, but here’s what was reported in today’s news in a matter of 6 minutes on MSNBC:

  • In a CNBC interview, Warren Buffett reported that the economy has “fallen off a cliff” and he wants Obama to make a clear statement on whether or not he’s going to bail out the banks. 
  • Out of Illinois, it’s reported that a 27 year old shot his pastor to death at the 8:30am service.
  • Extreme windstorms in the mid-west flattened neighborhoods and there’s a huge brush fire in Denver
  • Chomper, a dog in CA, won the 14th annual ugliest dog contest. Oh hooray, good news for today!!!
  • 700 people applied for 1 janitorial job at a school in Ohio.

“wah waaah…”

After watching todays news and experiencing my own personal reality (below), I thought I would check on suicide rates in the U.S. for 2009.  I only uncovered rates for military personnel and turns out they’ve been experiencing record high suicide rates since January and if their investigation proves true, “more soldiers will have killed themselves than died in combat last month.”

“wah waaah…”

And below is my own personal reality today, but because of Chomper the ugliest dog courtesy of MSNBC news, I am no longer planning on following through with my death by chocolate, at least not today.   

  • I am still jobless, have a leaky pipe in my shower and my heating bill for the month was $200.
  • My investment portfolio is down close to 70% from one year ago, according to my statement from Ameriprise. It’s fallen  25% in just the past 3 months. If I am lucky enough to actually get a job, it seems that I will now need to work well past 65 in order to live comfortably during retirement. That is of course if I actually live to the age of 65 because as it turns out, there are asteroids the size of 10-story buildings flying towards earth.

“wah waaah…”

Thankfully there are people like me who try to report news that falls into the category of “slightly amusing” such as toothless employed men wandering the streets wearing house pants.


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One response to “Debbie Downer reporting for duty

  1. Foot

    Yeah, Buffet is so yesterday. His relavence to today’s economy is minimal.

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