Seattle pink-slips unite

Am I the only one who’s still jobless in Seattle and sitting alone unshowered in my house pants until 5pm every day? Where are all the other pink-slipped Seattle-metro area layoffs hiding out? Are you under a rock wallowing in self pity or are you the one I spotted at Unemployment Lake sporting a Snuggie?

If this describes you or one of your friends who own a pink-slip, sounds like its time for a Lady of Leisure intervention. At Lords and Ladies of Leisure, it’s our goal to force socialization and make sure we stick together and have fun as we journey through the land of unemploymentality together. So, if you are sick and tired of the pink-slipped version of your former self, and interested in sharing your story please send me a note at[at] gmail [dot] com.

Pink-Slips Unite!



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8 responses to “Seattle pink-slips unite

  1. sn0tteh

    This is a great post – I didn’t get a pink slip, but I’ve been looking for a job since August. Amazing! If I make it to August 2009 without finding a gig, I’ll borrow more of Mom and Dad’s hard-earned money and throw myself a party.

  2. greg

    I got mine on Jan 1st from King County. I relate to this so much! I mainly break my daily monotony with long bike rides around the entire point of W Seattle and finish w/ lots of contemplative thinking at Jack Block Park.

    But like she asked, where do we go during the day? How many hours a day do you just sit and fill out applications???? And then when the weekend comes…what am I relaxing from?

    I volunteer too, that helps.

  3. Hi there! I am a fellow West Seattlite…and I was laid off from ClearChannel Media on Inauguration Day – conveniently first thing in the morning – so I actually made it home in time to see President Obama be sworn in. Ohhh the irony! I knew “Change” was coming – just didn’t know it was going to come in me losing my job. 🙂 I’m a blogger too – I will post a link to your blog on mine. Cheers! And good luck with the job search!!!

  4. I volunteered to be laid off and recently started a blog as well. I semi regret the decision, but I don’t. I am getting married soon, so I’ve been keeping myself busy with that. I find that I have more time for the gym now and getting together with people. Still, it gets old. I definitely have to make an effort to be productive and get out of my pajamas.

  5. Ron

    Play WoW and/or learn a new language!

  6. onLOOKER

    Keri, you are ‘hot’… and no matter what you want to believe right now, that mere “hot” quotient will fast have you up and working again very soon.

    The ‘beauty edge’ afforded you by fate shall serve you well in your employment search as it always has.

    And y’know, in your case, I don’t resent it a bit, because like most anybody, I could happily grow used to admiring that glowing beauty of yours as often as possible (even if merely 40 hours per week).

    Keep smiling!

  7. Joe Robinson

    Way to go Keri. Glad people see the humor and band together.

  8. Michelle

    You are absolutely hysterical!! Thanks for the light laughs about the situation. Keep writing – it really helps those of us who are also unemployed. I worked at Microsoft for 14 years – my job was “re-purposed” in October 08. I am still looking for work, but have also decided to take this time to reinvent myself and my future. Going back to school to move into the environmental sustainability field. Woohoo!

    I’m not sure if you’re aware of this group already or not, but check out – Next networking event is Tuesday, April 14th. If you join the “Help Microsoft Friends Find a Job” group on Facebook you will get updates on events . Good luck!! 🙂

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