Unemployment, Dr. Seuss style

I thought this LOL club could use a creed. I’m no poet that’s for sure, so if you are feeling creative and want to shoot me your own version, I’d love to see it! Email at lol.seattle.kr [at] gmail [dot]com:

I just lost my job today. I got a pink-slip. Oh look, hey!

Is this a dream? Could it be true? Or is your mind tricking you?

No and it’s a real shame. Now who the hell do I get to blame?

Was it me or was it you? Doesn’t matter. I’m still blue.

I sleep in late and rarely shower. I wear my house pants for long hours.

Do not judge. You do not know. The life we lead is tough you know.

I have no job. I have no money. I do not think that this is funny.

I am lonely. I am bored. There’s no one knocking at my door.

Perhaps it’s time I step outside. To find some friends. No longer hide.

I met some friends. They are just like me. We have the same mentality.

We meet for coffee. Meet for walks. It’s nice to find a friend to talk.

I’m trading in my “Scarlet U” so now I am immune to you.

Instead I wear an LOL. A lady or lord, it’s leisure we sell.

I do not fret. I do not frown. Instead I try to be a clown.

A state of mind is all you need to beat the pink slip. Guaranteed.




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7 responses to “Unemployment, Dr. Seuss style

  1. mam

    You make me laugh. You make me smile. I liked being unemployed. For a little while.

  2. sn0tteh

    Love this! Also adding you to my blogroll today (forgot to mention that in my previous email). And you’re absolutely right: it’s all about your state of mind. 🙂

  3. Foot

    My sister Keri is funny indeed.
    Her website blog is fun to read.

  4. Joe Robinson

    Your sense of humor is still there. In fact, it is being refined.

  5. henchbot

    i have a job so i dont fit in…but i do like to party…
    why hasnt anyone organized a W.S. pink slip party?
    i am hosting a networking pre-pink slip party this week but thats for us: the alleged fringe.
    wanna plan a party?

  6. Dan I

    Nicely stated!

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