Pink-slips are uniting!

I just have to say thank you to all the people who came to the Pink-Slips Unite meeting in W. Seattle today. It’s SO nice to see everyone connecting and sharing their stories of unemployment and I truly believe that together we can help each other land the job we want. If not the job, maybe these meet-ups just get you showered (or some form of it) and out of your house pants in order to connect with people in similar boats. 

The talent in the room is incredible and each of you has something unique to bring to the table. We are all experts at something and we have a chance to really pull together, learn from each other and make shit happen. Looking forward to the next meeting. Once I lock down the details, I will post it on the “events” page of my website.

One final thought. My lovely pink-slip lady (tag line is “the aspiring young novelist”) has a phone interview tomorrow and she is very excited about this job. I just wanted to send her some good energy through this post. And, I will do that for every one of you so that those that read the post, will also think about this person for one second.

Pink-slips (or unemployed people) Unite!



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7 responses to “Pink-slips are uniting!

  1. Cameron Minaglia

    I just saw you on King 5 news! I didn’t know that you put something together then. And I wasn’t doing anything today actually. Well I made some cookies if that counts?

  2. Vanya Tucherov

    You presented really well in your interview, even if they ended up misspelling your last name. Today was really fun. Thanks for pulling it together.

  3. Joe Robinson

    Way to go, good job. It is poeple like you keri,who become the catalist and make things happen.

  4. Rob A

    Good luck with the Phone Interview… That is some sweet bannering on this blog…

  5. Laurel

    Keri, thank you for putting us “pink-slips” together yesterday! What a great opportunity to get off the couch, feel energized and inspired and meet other fantastic folks. I will be sure to make it to the next meeting! Sending good energy your way for your interview…

  6. Jade

    Ahahahha! I just saw this! You are too sweet! Well I will just believe all this good energy is keeping me from landing a less-than-stellar job…or maybe it will help me bypass the recruiter yet:) Pink Slip Power!

  7. How did I miss this? You should shoot me an email next time you have a get-together. I’d love to meet a few more of the walking dead – er, I mean the recently unemployed.

    I’ve been out of work for about three months. I’d like to say it’s been rewarding, a vision quest of sorts, a chance to assess my priorities in life and decide what I really want to do. But the problem is that I already know what I want to do – I want to be working again. I want to be earning income again. I want an office, not a couch. I want humans for company, not my cat (much as I love her, the conversation ain’t exactly stimulating).

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