Unemployed person’s alarm clock

I think my alarm clock is hosed. Every morning it keeps waking me up at 5:30-6am because it doesn’t seem to understand that I am jobless and therefore no longer have to get up early. My alarm clock model is below – does anyone have this brand and how the hell can I fix it? It doesn’t respond well to swearing and cursing.

Alarm clock, model # Louis Feline III

Alarm clock | Model # Louis Feline III



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8 responses to “Unemployed person’s alarm clock

  1. Foot

    Yeah, get a dog!

  2. Kevin

    Have you tried keeping the cat awake all day? Leave a loud radio playing all day, and remember to wake the cat whenever you see it napping.

  3. Sorry, I’m not a cat owner.

    Love your blog, though.

  4. wendy

    that’s unacceptable! I value my sleep very much and can’t imagine an alarm clock that isn’t adjusted to the jobless lifestyle. maybe seek help from your ant friends? (just picturing your alarm being carried out by ants! ha!)

  5. I have two of these but they stay in bed after I am awake.

  6. The Velvet Bulldog

    I put my alarm clock outside at night.

  7. R

    What a handsome devil!

  8. Can you just remove the batteries maybe and reset it from scratch?

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