The Upside of Unemployment

Guest Post from “Ladyslipper”
 Hey Pink Slips,
This is Ladyslipper, Keri’s left-hand gal and one of the Pink Slip Mothership. Like many of you I’m sure, this week (my birthday week) I have been rejected by a stunning number of jobs for which I was most certifiably qualified. And it stings like a b-word, I have to tell you. So, in an attempt to perform reverse psychology on myself and hopefully on some of you, I am warding off a creeping house pants coma by writing this post on the Upside of Unemployment. Yes, there is one!  Read on to see the rosy side of being pink slipped.
 1)   You get to be a fair-weather friend. I cannot count on two hands how many times I have performed the grim commute over the West Seattle bridge, staring like a dog with its nose pressed against the window as I watched a beautiful blue sunny day erupt over Alki while I drove off for day number 1547 in Corporatopia. Now, when the sun is out, you better believe I am dropping everything (aka my remote), throwing my hair in a scraggly bohemian topknot, and hurling myself down to Alki for some long overdue sun worshipping. Bearing my pale corporate never- seen-the-light-of-day belly to those milky rays is a paycheck in itself, I say! And if I burn a lovely shade of Pink Slip pink, even better. Conversely, if I hear that thunderous crackle of rain when I wake in the morning, I simply turn right back over and go back to sleep thinking “Hey, that Costco trip can wait until tomorrow.” No biggie! After years after rain, hail, sleet, snow schlepping, it sure is nice to be as fickle and carefree as Seattle snow in April.
2)   Free time, that mythical unicorn. It is not until you become unemployed that you even allow yourself to contemplate something as elusive as free time. Now that I’m a Pink Slipper, I have time to do everything. I have time to clean the house, I have time to work out, I have time for errands, and I have hours to spend just laughing and talking at a coffee shop with my fellow Pink Slippers. When I meet an employed friend at Pike Place on her fifteen-minute lunch break, I can spend hours afterward just people watching and roaming the market without anyone to answer to. Relishing life, living in the moment, and having a good long deep conversation without having to constantly check your watch are just a few of the fanciful freedoms that come with being unemployed.
3)   Finally getting to attend all those happy hours. As a Pink Slipper, you finally get to attend all those events specifically designed to evade the average person’s schedule. You can make the four o’clock happy hour, and you can make the ten o’clock one too. You can beat the Greenlake crowds by going in the middle of the week, and you can actually find a parking spot at Trader Joe’s because you’re free at 9 a.m. on a Thursday. Being a Pink Slip is a key to a less chaotic city, one without crowds, parking spot battles, and hour waits for tables. We are all VIPS (Very Important Pink Slip), so get out there and savor the serenity!
4)   A chance to excel in non work-stuff. Being unemployed has the blessing-in-disguise effect of forcing you to focus on all the other aspects of your life besides work. Now that I’m unemployed, I’m finally taking the time to cook healthy foods and go to the gym regularly. I am writing a novel. I am taking better care of the home.  I am planning fun vacations. I am getting married. I am realizing there is soooo much more to life than a desk and a phone with hideous echo reception. My life is fresher, fuller, and richer, a blessed reprieve from those last despairing months of work.
 5)   NEW PEEPS. If there is one thing I hated about being employed, it was getting stuck in a social rut. Day in and day out, I’d see the same people, go to the same bars after work and have the same bitchfest about my boss and fellow employees. It got to the point where I really only socialized with other colleagues and I never met new people, didn’t really have the energy for it. Now, I have a whole fabulous new group of ladies whose friendship I know I will carry on even after I am gainfully employed someday. To Keri and the Pink Slip Mothership, you are my favorite perk of all:)


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One response to “The Upside of Unemployment

  1. Kate

    There truly are many upsides to unemployment. I got my taxes done, started a blog, and learned a great deal about myself. Also I love my house pants and taking a shower at 5pm or not.

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