House pants neglect

I think my house pants are depressed. All this networking in W. Seattle with the other pink-slips has been fantastic – don’t get me wrong – it’s forcing socialization, adding structure to my day and giving me an opportunity to meet some really interesting and talented people.  But, I am a little concerned because last night I found 3 pairs of house pants hiding under my bed, curled up in a ball next to an empty container of chocolate pudding. I know my cats don’t normally drag my clothes under my bed – they could very well be responsible for the pudding container – but not the pants. Could my house pants be feeling neglected? 

I didn’t realize until last night just how much time I’ve spent OUT of my house pants this past week. Before the networking group started, I’d share an entire day with the same pair of house pants, or maybe two days! We’d wake up together, drink coffee together, job-search online together, watch Ellen together. Then at some point during the day, I might consider swapping my level 1-2 house pants for level 3-4 depending on what errands were on my list that day. But I rarely put jeans on or showered.

This week however, I’ve showered every single day, have worn jeans AND dress pants (despite the fact they had ants in them, I had no choice). I’ve been up before 8am…what the hell is happening to my LOL lifestyle? According to one of my pink-slip pals, “my actions are not keeping with the LOL principals and procedures” and that “I am setting a bad example for LOLs everywhere!” Oh dear. I hate to disappoint people and certainly don’t want my house pants to run out on me, so  this weekend I will spend some quality time with them. I might even fill up on Easter candy and give some attention to the muffin top, even though his position was eliminated earlier this week.



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3 responses to “House pants neglect

  1. Kate

    You found several pairs under your bed? I think your house pants are organizing something big. Good thing you’re spending some ‘quality time’ with them this weekend. Otherwise it might get ugly – a possible insurgency.

  2. sn0tteh

    Showering is overrated. As you’ve found out, it just leads to more showering and less house-pantsing, ie; more work for you.

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