Flatulent in three languages

Today I am resorting to a post about having gas during a job interview. Yes, this is childish, but my excuse for this post today is that I have a cold and my medicine head is preventing me from writing anything creative. Yesterday this commercial aired on TV while I was sifting through my Easter basket. I laughed because being “flatulent in three languages” was funny and so today I share.



Filed under Life, Slightly amusing

4 responses to “Flatulent in three languages

  1. Redsled

    Note to self, don’t be the next person to sit in that seat . . . 😉

  2. Foot

    Low hanging fruit, Keri. I think you should do a special Tuesday update to make up for that lame attempt.

  3. mattio

    I can fart in Japanese.

  4. Tips. Fortunate my family I stumbled upon your web blog accidentally, using this program . taken aback the reason why this particular car accident did not occured prior! I actually bookmarked the item.

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