Being “green” on a budget

In honor of Earth Day today, I thought I’d talk a little bit about whether or not it’s possible to practice being “green” when you are unemployed and on a very tight budget. While there are the obvious green techniques that are compatible to the unemployed person’s budget like taking the bus, walking or riding a bike vs. driving your car (gas and emissions), not everything that’s green is the most economical. 

Take for example, toilet paper. My belief is that green T.P. is usually more expensive and often lower quality; lower quality meaning scratchier, less pliable and not “error proof” (I think you know what that means, especially when it comes to #2). But, to be totally honest, I’ve never actually shopped prices on green T.P. and I’ve also never done a full “test drive” if you get my drift. 

As a woman, I go through a lot of T.P. because women don’t normally use the “drip dry” technique that men have the luxury of using. Instead, every single time we go #1, we use 2-3 squares of T.P. (depending on the ply) and therefore go through T.P. much faster than men. So for me to buy more expensive, lower quality T.P. that requires me to use more when I “go” just doesn’t sound economical for someone who’s unemployed and on a budget.

However, today I am going to do two things to try to be “greener” in honor of Earth Day. First, I am going to drip dry once or twice today so as to reduce the amount of waste I am putting into the environment. And I am also going to buy my first pack of green T.P. today because according to a Greenpeace factoid, if every family bought a roll of recycled T.P. just once, Americans could save more than 400,000 trees.

If anyone knows what kind of green or recycled T.P. can stack up to the fluffy stuff that pollutes the environment and kills trees, please drop me a note. I would like to be more responsible, but I don’t think I can afford to be green every time I go pee, however I hope you can prove me wrong and help educate me.


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