Pondering snails

This is what you do on vacation. You ponder things that you would never take the time to see when you are rushing around in real life. My little dreamland uncovered a few deep thoughts about snails this evening as I sat ocean-side sipping a Miller Lite. 

What’s up with a snail shell? They are pretty damn fancy. Does the snail actually make the shell like a spider builds a web? I haven’t Googled this yet and don’t recall learning it in school, so I am simply going to use my imagination here. Either he builds it or he chooses it. He (the snail) is cruising along the ocean floor and sees an empty house (shell) he likes and goes inside to check it out. He tries it on for size and then takes off with the one he likes. Hopefully it didn’t belong to another snail who went on vacation because now that guy is homeless. 

After I got done pondering his shell, I set him down on a rock that was close to my chair and far away from his original destination. Then, all of a sudden I said, “oh shit – what if I just moved him like 10 blocks away from his neighborhood! Or, what if he was just pulling up to dinner on that last rock and here comes the careless giant human who rips him away from his supper then sets him down on someone else’s dinner table!” 

As you can see, I am not thinking about anything life-changing – at least nothing life changing for me. For the snail, however, I might have changed the course of his life! But he’s likely well adjusted to these types of changes with all the tourists running about. Oh yeah, and I suppose the waves in the ocean might decide to uproot his ass now and again so guess he’s fine.

Ok, dinner time. Just wanted to share my thoughts on snails. Why not. Oh and there are no jobs here either – of course I’ve been looking on Craig’s List because that’s what unemployed people do! We look for jobs everywhere and also ponder everything from the contents of our navels to how snail shells are made. At least I do. 




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3 responses to “Pondering snails

  1. Foot

    How do snails taste on the BBQ?

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