Unemployed Person’s Day

Employed people pretty much own almost all the days of the week and I think we, the unemployed people of Seattle, need to be assigned a day. Let’s review.

  • When Friday arrives, employed people are all about TGIF which doesn’t mean squat to the unemployed person. Really the only thing it means is that your employed friends will be out getting drunk, celebrating the end of the long work week and come Saturday or Sunday, they might have time to hang out with you in between errands.
  • When Sunday comes, employed people normally experience Sunday Anxiety or the Sunday Blues, so they pretty much own that day too. However, on rare occasions we might get to share it with them if we have a job interview Monday.
  • Then there’s Monday, also taken by the employed people who get to use the “I’m having a Case of the Mondays” line and we’re only lucky enough to share this day if we have to attend a mandatory orientation at the unemployment office that day. 
  • And how about Wednesday? Nope, taken by the employed people who call that “hump day.”
  • Thursday? Theirs as well because that’s when “its so close to Friday” and they take over our bars.
  • Saturday doesn’t count because that day is shared by all.

So you see how this shakes out? Unemployed people don’t really own a day and sadly, all our days blend together so we really don’t have any one day to look forward to, which kind of sucks. Therefore, I am going to assign us a day and that day is going to be Tuesday. Why? Because that’s the only day of the week left and usually this day means very little to the employed person so I’m taking it for us.

On this day my friends, you get to feel whatever the hell you want. You can make that your Anxiety Tuesday or it can be your Karaoke Tuesday. It could also be your Stay in Your House Pants All Day day or your Now Shower Tuesday. Yep. Own it. Flaunt it. It’s yours. You earned it. Enjoy!



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7 responses to “Unemployed Person’s Day

  1. sheilah

    Taking Tuesday’s Back!

  2. Kate


    The WordPress automatically generated (possibly related) post for this blog:

    How beautiful it is to do nothing, and then rest afterward.~ Spanish Proverb

    I love it! Sounds like Tuesday.

  3. Louise

    No kidding! I too am loving the “How beautiful it is to do nothing, and then rest afterward.” ….

  4. ian

    sitting in public library at moment on net desparately trying not to laugh out loud.

  5. ian

    ps to the above i am the UK love the site keeps me smiling thru the days of unemployment

  6. Earthman31

    I will live for Tuesdays from now until my first day of my new job! Now where to meet up with other Tuesday celebrators and my cheap six pack of PBR? Of course on Tuesday!

  7. Nick

    Rock on sistah!! Its free pool Tuesday here at the local West Seattle bar, if uh any you fellow unemployed-ees want to own the (night? day?) with me. Oh and what the hell we could not shower and wear house pants too. hehehe!

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