Spotted: pink-slips having fun

Here’s photo evidence of what can happen when you let pink-slipped unemployed people run wild with cameras in downtown Seattle on a bright sunny day. We’ll kidnap willing tourists, make friends with strangers, find peace in gum and have a lot of fun. Damn it sucks to be in the LOL crew!



Filed under Entertainment, Life, Sanity tips

3 responses to “Spotted: pink-slips having fun

  1. Justin

    Great Times! Great People! More than Great Weather! Hooray LaLoL! Pink Slips Forever (well maybe not)!

  2. Aw, looks like fun. Sorry I missed it! Maybe next time.

  3. its b/c i have a jobby job-job isnt it…that I didnt find out about this til now.

    I wheeled over a banana peel last night longboarding home on Alki. Not that it matters.

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