Dear Sir, did I wake you?

Terribly sorry to have disturbed you, Master Louis. I know you’ve had a very full day of grooming, napping and eating, but your minion would like to know if she can borrow the remote?

Master Louis Feline III

Master Louis Feline III

Oh dear Sir, I didn’t realize that you were watching the game – it seemed your eyes were closed. However,  there is a program that I cannot miss and it’s close to time for you to take your bacon “treat.” Now, where would you like that served? Oh that’s a splendid idea, Master! Why don’t we retire you to my sleeping quarters where you can rest comfortably on your feline-throne-bed. Oh I do hope you’re comfy, Sir. Here is your bacon “treat” and a napkin for the drool on your mouth. Dear Sir, when you’re through, please ring me and I will turn down the sheets for your seventh afternoon nap. Good day.



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3 responses to “Dear Sir, did I wake you?

  1. kurto

    Ahhhh, the superior feline.

    All that encapsulated in one miffy stare from Master Louis.

    Dogs could never be so enigmatic. Unless its a wolf.

  2. Hi Bear,
    Love this blog!
    Love you!

  3. Hello unemployed person with cat,

    I have been unemployed forever. Long sick sad story. So I created my own job from my delusion, which is, saving the feline world. Of course my job is unpaid and I work unbelievable hours and I want to run away! Unemployed persons out there, do you need extra rescued fixed kitties, for comfort purring on your unemployed laps and humor? I have six little kittens, freshly fixed, in my bathroom right now, from the truely unemployed, the willfully joyfully abashedly unrepentent unemployed—a homeless camp of alcoholics in greater Corvallis, Oregon. I don’t want to take them back to that camp. I usually try to just get scores of cats fixed, not do expensive space consuming rescue. I’m on a crusade when I should be sleeping, to find them homes. (they are really really cute) Check my blog for their photos and I hope you find a wonderful cool happy fun high paying meaningful job. Yes, I believe I already mentioned I enjoy my delusions. They are splendid.

    Your kitty looks self-satisfied and lonely. He needs a little wildly playful and sometimes annoying kitten friend. They’re from a homeless camp! How poignant is that?

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