Shirtless at bar before noon

YES! These guys HAVE to be unemployed. Who else would sit shirtless on the patio of a dive bar before noon on a Tuesday? They must know that Tuesday is unemployed person’s day, so cheers to them! Just wish Li’l Scoop had a camera in tow…guess I’ll have to leave it up to my imagination. Oh dear…it’s hard to look away…



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2 responses to “Shirtless at bar before noon

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  2. I just saw you in the Seattle Times… great blog. I’m in the same boat but it is now taking on water. If you decide to add a little activism consider this link.

    Now there is the “Unemployment Gone Mad” community which is targeting the Joint Economic Committee and other Key Power Brokers in Congress with E-Action organizers and participants.

    You can see the 2009 July-Dec. Unemployment Gone Mad Advocate Community for Additional Benefits in E- Action at ….Google”Unemployment Gone Mad”

    I’m in Maple Valley and I will drink this one to you Keri Robinson. Cheers – Country Carl….. singer/writer of the New Depression Blues at

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