Trading house pants for hair nets

Today, ten of us pink-slippers traded our house pants for hair nets and headed up north to volunteer with Food Lifeline. Together, with another group from the Youth Volunteer Corp, we repackaged 1,380 lbs of bulk Rice Krispies in three hours providing 1,078 meals! It was a very rewarding morning and we had SUCH a blast! A big thank you to staff at Food Lifeline for making it all possible. The pink-slips will be back!

Food Lifeline is also hiring so be sure to check out their website for job openings!

Pretty yellow images below. No wise cracks people – I know I forgot to adjust my camera for fluorescent lighting! Doh!



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2 responses to “Trading house pants for hair nets

  1. bohobelle

    Nice headline! Jayma, you are a showstealer! Love it!

  2. LK-B

    One of my favorite NPOs; great job, you were all great doing this selfless act!!!

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