5 things to do before you get a job

  1. Get a freaking tan. The sun is out (or was) and a good dose of Vitamin D will improve your mood. Men – your super white ass upper thighs need to see the sun for once in their life. Strap on a Speedo. Grab some SPF and head to the beach. Get creative with it. Own it. Flaunt it. Life’s short and what’s the worst that could happen? You burn your white thighs and someone may gawk? So what? When they start to gawk, walk up to them wearing “it” and ask them if they have any Grey Poupon? Why not? You’ll get a laugh. They’ll get a laugh. Everybody wins!
  2. Go on a vacation. Get out of town. Get away from the job-search, soul-search, date-search. You don’t have to spend a fortune. The goal is to shake up your ordinary routine. The routine that’s being forced and not responding to the pressure.
  3. Take a day hike during the middle of the week. Get in your car and drive 45 minutes east on I-90. There are a ton of day hikes with incredible vistas. Bring some Scooby snacks and enjoy the sights and sounds. Remember, your employed friends are enjoying the sites and sounds of cube farms across America. Weee!
  4. Have a BBQ party at noon on a Wednesday, even if it’s just with yourself.
  5. Do something you’ve always wanted to do. Wear that Speedo. Start that hobby. Take that drive. Make that call. Whatever “it” is might just be the thing that opens doors to the next big thing.


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14 responses to “5 things to do before you get a job

  1. hmm — Speedos appear twice in this list. something in your subconscious begging to get out?

  2. You left one out: booze in the middle of the day.

  3. loladmin

    That’s implied in #4. What’s a BBQ without booze? 🙂

  4. loladmin

    You know it! I think everyone should wear a Speedo once!

  5. wendy

    I concur! With #5, that is! 🙂
    (Hi Keri!!)

  6. Go on a vacation is freakin’ right! I’ve been unemployed for five months and my wife and I just went to Walla Walla for four days to do some wine tasting over 4th of July weekend. We had a hookup at a hotel there, but made sure to only eat out once and taste wine wherever there were free tastings. We visited about 10 wineries in three days and didn’t spend a dime. Total for four days of vacation, including gas, food, hotel, etc. was well under $500 for two.

  7. Karla Rae


    OMG. “Duct Tape for My Boot Straps: Climbing the Corporate Ladder to Unemployment” is a MUST read for anyone who feels they are alone “out there.” Yes, this is blatant self-promotion, since I wrote the book, but friends…it sucks and you know it. So buy the book, tell your friends to buy the book (your book club!), and KNOW you are not alone. I have SO been there, done that…no one can even begin a sentence with “have you tried…” without me butting in (aggrevaited under my breath – what you think I’m stupid? Of course I’ve tried that!)…yes. Yes. YES already. I’m doing everything I can!

    Read the book. Hang in there. And shower whenever the heck you want! Karla

  8. i love your blog! i do have a job, but my husband doesn’t. i might just try and convince him to wear that speedo and even out that farmer’s tan.

  9. patrick

    Tanning sucks! i like my white skin the way i was born with it LOL. No need to damage your skin but i did get a good laugh out of your list

  10. Okay, so I tried this, results as follows:
    1) Get a tan: I put on a speedo and went to Ocean City. I was surrounded by good sammies shouting something about saving Shamu. I guess they figured I was hot, because they threw me into the ocean where I got got up in a rip tide headed south.
    2) Go on vacation: See #1.
    3) Go on a hike: After running aground outside of Lincoln City Oregon and evading other samaritans, I hiked back home.
    4) Have a BBQ: Done. One pig cooked to perfection. One pig ate said pig. Speedos are now in the trash.
    5) Do something you haven’t done: I’ll start using common sense tomorrow. There is still some leftover pig.

    On a side note, I was part of the May layoffs at Microsoft, and I too have started writing. Maybe good things do come out of it. Who knows.

    All the best,

  11. Speedos, tans, vacations…all good. But how many times must you “pull yourself up by your boot straps” before you need duct tape? I’ll tell you…many.

    I was laid-0ff from a Biotech company and didn’t want to leave Seattle. Now I’m down to the last of my IRA – no spouse or partner…

    Here’s the book – you’ll SO relate to it: She’d had an exciting and award-winning career. Then, like so many others, Karla Halbakken was laid-off after the company for which she worked was acquired. Armed with a great resume, she hit the road in search of the next rung on her career ladder – or perhaps even a new ladder.

    After years of again and again “pulling herself by her boot straps,” the grueling search for steady employment began to take its toll. Her straps began to fray. Then they broke. She then began wrapping them with duct tape.

    Job application after interview after rejection letter after disappointment, she tried everything but no amount of networking provided her with an offer – much less one she could refuse.

    “Duct Tape for My Boot Straps” chronicles the frustration, tactics, and strange but true stories Karla endured during her career search. In this sometimes funny, often insightful, and all too true book, you’ll learn how one woman didn’t give up…even when her boot straps did.

    Thanks…you can read it while you’re tanning your legs:)

  12. samrick06

    I really appreciate with the ideas given in this blog,because these 5 things can make mind cool & fresh.

  13. Learn to live on as little as possible; then on a little less than that.

    If you get a job, you’ll pile up savings even faster.

    If you don’t get a job (and face it, professionals in their 40s and up will not), you’ll least longer.

    Voluntary simplicity: it can be fun but you have to get started NOW.

  14. matt

    I like this! I have a job but I think you should try to do all these anyway! It is harder when you are on the daily grind tryin to make that 40 hours go by. However, by doing these things I think it helps break up the daily routine.

    I just found a link to this site in the Seattle Times. Nice job on getting in the paper! There is nothing wrong with some recognition on this growing topic of interest, especially around the Seattle area.

    Hope to see lots more articles to come!

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