Swearing is f*ing good for you!

A-ha! I knew there was a positive reason to swear – read all about it! So, next time I’m in pain, I’m gonna use “expletive therapy” where you get to yell out a very long string of expletives to alleviate pain. 

Hmm…maybe I should start an unemployment swearing circle for those of us suffering from mental pain…who’s in?



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13 responses to “Swearing is f*ing good for you!

  1. tisha


  2. LK-B

    Ditto to the person before me! Love ya, Keri

  3. brewerkev


    time to vent from the spleen (where all good cuss words originate) about frustration in the job market and the overlords who decide when and how the economy will suck…as in suck all your 401k’s and day trading advances and vesting options into their own coffers. fuck them.

    oh by the way, lenny bruce or george carlin said if we use The Word often enough (fuck, fucking, fucker, etc) then it ceases to have meaning.

    that may be true, but for now, in this economy, FFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!

    ok i feel better.

    you were right


  4. Highlander

    Ya know? If you really want to ‘swear like a sailor,’ you might consider becoming one!
    Anyway, I decided to drop in and say ‘Hi!’ because after reading of your travail of no employment, I =KNOW= exactly how you feel.
    I went through a four year stretch without finding anything. Nothing. Nada. It’s things such as that which cause one to do lots of soul searching.
    No matter how I composed my resumés, targeting them for the job, leaving out my higher qualifications so as to not ~appear~ over-qualified, etc., nothing worked.
    I’d have thought that my prior knowledge and experience would have made me a ‘shoo-in,’ …
    No such luck. From where I saw things, if I had knowledge, it was too much. And if I had no knowledge, I was next to useless. Catch-22.
    And sleep. Lordy, tell >ME< tell you about all those sleepless nights!
    From ME to YOU: I hope you're successful in your search, and the sooner the better.
    But this is going to be a part of your life that you'll NEVER forget, no matter how long you live.
    I guarantee it.

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  6. Norm

    Oh my gosh, what a lovely fucking idea. I feel better already.

  7. shellyplus2

    Fuckin’ count me in!

  8. HotRod

    It’s about time someone had the nerve to say what they fucking think!!!!!!!! I fucking luv it!!!!

  9. DavidinGreenwoodq

    Hey, saw the big article on your blog in the Seattle Times. I’m sure you’ll get some serious hits!

    I’m a fellow pink-slipped Microsoftie, although it happened to me WAY back in 2006, when Encarta folded. At the time I thought it was the best thing that could ever happen to me, since I was seriously burnt out after 12 years there (9 FT, and no, I didn’t get rich, not even remotely). But 2.8 years later, it isn’t such a great thing. I haven’t worked in a FT real-benefits job since. It’s pretty fucking ridiculous, and I’m getting fucking disgusted with the whole thing.

    I’m a firm believe in expletive therapy. Feels good to cut loose once in awhile, if only in your empty apartment. Swearing in emails to friends always helps too. The word “fuck” in all it’s forms may be the most effective word in the english language to communicate the vehemence you are feeling when you say something. It’s brilliant, and this therapy must spread! Evangelize!

    Thanks for blogging.

  10. Carkeek Homie

    I like your style girl. Swearing is a good release. I practice it daily.
    Say it, scream it “fuck this economy”!
    Good luck with your job search.

  11. MADM

    Finally! An authorized excuse to use my fuckin’ potty mouth to bitch about my fucked up broke ass goddamned existence – I mean life.

    I quit my bookkeeping job last June (thus no unemployement $$) thinking I’d take the summer off, spend some time with my granddaughter, fuck around at Alki, etc. Then the economy tanked & I haven’t worked since.

    Thank God my bf is employed, although now making 1/3 less than a year ago.

    Needless to say, it’s after noon and I’m still in my jammies.


  12. Glad someone finally validated what I’ve been doing for years.

  13. Calikenna


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