McDonald’s billboard ad targeting unemployed?

McDonald's Billboard Ad Targets Unemployed

McDonald's Billboard Ad Targets Unemployed

You may have seen this McDonald’s billboard ad on the north side of the bridge heading east towards I-5 from West Seattle and I am fairly confident that this ad campaign is targeting the unemployed.  “Three reasons to put your pants on.” Who else could it be targeting, nudists? As an unemployed person, these are the three reasons why I am offended:

  1. They are called “house pants” not just pants, McDonald’s – get your facts straight! And you should be forewarned – all levels of house pants are considered appropriate attire for drive thrus so be prepared to see everything from airstream trailer printed flannel to holey work out pants. Oh and one last thing – these pants usually come strapped to some unshowered insomniac speaking a language you don’t understand -so watch out!
  2. This type of food is not allowed in the Muffin Top Reduction Program and just because we might be packin’ a muffin top, doesn’t mean they actually like your cheap greasy ass food. In fact, mine prefers ice cream!
  3. Unemployed people are rarely up before 10:30 when breakfast at your establishment supposedly ends (or is it 11…cuz nobody seems to know!), so this ad isn’t going to bring in a bunch of unemployed people…UNLESS you start serving bloody mary’s. Then, we may roll in hungover to get one of those and an Egg McMuffin.

So, next time you’re planning your ad campaigns and want to target unemployed people, consider hiring me as a consultant ($65/hr). I am after all an expert on the unemployed creature.



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10 responses to “McDonald’s billboard ad targeting unemployed?

  1. joni

    Love it! Have not seen the billboard, but, wish I had! I had turned my nose up at McDonald’s for years, until unemployed and discovered the $2.99 Meal Deals. Works for me! As for the breakfast thing…I agree! I’m still reading my paper, watching the M & J Show on TV, and sipping tea in bed at 10:30! As for driving in PJ’s. Hell, I did that for years when my kids were here and I had to drive them to school before coming home to get ready for work. (Work…remember that?!)
    Glad to hear people are getting jobs….how’d that happen?

  2. MacDoh (as my little nieces in France used to call it) are clearly on crack.
    What ARE those nasty looking things on that billboard, anyway?
    And, I am sorry, you will never convince me that those hairnets keep all the icky out of the food.

    Here are the five things that will get me into my pants:
    1. I have run out of fags (cigarettes) and my friend Bill doesn’t answer my texts to bring me some
    2. the need for a real latte, not the home-made abomination I once tried to make
    3. the need to walk Puppy Dog ( before he destroys the entire house
    4. some kind friend taking me to lunch
    5. a cupcake craving

    That’s IT. Nothing else.

  3. Love #3!!! Bloody McMary’s and Biscuits all around!!!

  4. Donna

    Keri too funny…….you tell ’em they have the name totally wrong. “House Pants” it is.

  5. Nick II

    Keri, are you working for McDonald’s now? Geez! I woke up this morning thinking about McDonalds when I put my pants on! How twisted is that!?

  6. Crumbcakey

    Keri, you are awesome…that’s exactly the thought I had. ROFLMAO!

  7. MADM

    Hey Girl,

    No posts since the 12th. Are you on vacation or just ignoring us?

  8. McDonalds is not worth putting my pants on for.

  9. steve raymond

    i saw a modified version of this billboard that said “3 good reasons to put your DIAPERS on”.
    That’s more like it.

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