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47b7ce35b3127cce98548aa2113600000027102bzm3lhoxyq1Hi there — thanks for stopping by. I’m Keri and this is my blog, which has morphed considerably since its inception in 2009. This blog initially served as a platform to share my stories from the land of unemployment after I was laid off from Microsoft. I hated referring to myself as a pink-slipped unemployed person or jobless loser, so instead I decided to refer to myself as a Lady of Leisure, hence the blog name which also incorporates the Lords from unemployment land.

During the Summer of 2009, I led a group that offered other unemployed individuals the opportunity to connect with peers through organized social and job-search activities. We called ourselves the Lords and Ladies of Leisure (or LOL for short).

After much soul-searching (while wearing house pants of course!), I decided to transition into a new career and enrolled in massage school that Fall, where I learned an entirely new skill-set and upon graduation in the Fall of 2010, I launched into my massage career at a clinic in Ballard.

After working in the massage field for about five months, I soon realized that massage, while being a fulfilling and rewarding career, couldn’t support me financially, particularly since I owned a home. Therefore, I decided to transition back into marketing hanging up my LMP hat for the time being.

Life — what a ride! I’ve learned a lot, most importantly, the ability to just roll with it because change is inevitable. Adapt or die.

Contact me via email: lol.seattle.kr [at]gmail[dot]com


38 responses to “About Me

  1. Foot

    Doode! You know all your future employment prospects will be able to find out how crazy you are BEFORE hiring you, right?

  2. loladmin

    I prefer to call myself creative vs. crazy, my friend ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. sherrymarie

    Better they know the truth sooner rather than later!

  4. Hey–I’ve been living the laid off life lately too. I’ve been laid off 4 times in 8 years, most recently last October. And I don’t see it changing soon, as the job market here in NYC sucks. Good luck.

  5. Raindrop

    Love it love it love it.

  6. Hey, I think the challenge you have is in defining your terms. Technically, you are ‘busy’ at an ‘occupation’. While it may not pay, has no benefits, and consumes much of your time, there is an entrepreneurial segment of our economy who call that “self-employment”. With your permission, I’d like to include a link to your blog in my next weekly newsletter, as well as one from our blog. We ‘otherwise-employed’ need to stick together.

  7. Jane

    Wow, what a fantastic writer you are! I think you’ve found your new career!

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  9. Mary

    I’m in the pink-slip club as well since the demise of Wamu. I would love to blog about the experience and resources I’ve learned about.

  10. Nicole

    I too am jobless in Seattle. I’ve adjusted since my layoff because it was a year ago, but the lack of income still really sucks! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  11. Keri! Had no idea you lived on the wesside. I do too, down by the Home Depot on Delridge with my fiancee, Cary (different spelling, same pronunciation), who got laid off from her job about a month ago. I’ll email you separately so we can meet up for drinks at the Alki Tav…cheers, seel

  12. Cameron Minaglia

    Hey I read about your web page on the W.S. Blog. I feel your pain about being unemployed. This is the 4th or 5th time I have been laid off since 01. I have been laid off since the 9th of the new year. And there hasn’t been much to apply for really. All we can do is dream and hope that the economy will turn around for everyone searching for a job. And keep a smile on our faces like your!


  13. Keri, I am jobless in Seattle too and there doesn’t seem to be anything available. So maybe you and I should go have drink in West Seattle and make the best of the situation.

  14. Love your blog. Your writing is witty, concise and just a joy to read.
    I will never look at snails the same.

  15. Tanner

    I feel your pain. I went to my worksource orientation and they were like yeah we have this cool program to allow you to return to school ” go to school.” Commissioner approved training they called it. So I went back full time 6 months later no decision. They called me today to see if I would quit school and return to work if offered a job. They wanted to confirm what I had written in my application. I was like “doesn’t that defeat the purpose of the program?” Sure, Ill go back to school, then dropout for a job that isn’t guaranteed to be there for me tomorrow. Every day I am amused more and more. So for now, I will stick to teaching my son how to gurgle ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Hi Keri!!!

    Come back to Kickboxing. In fact bring all your unemployed friends. We would have a blast and people could network here. I already set up 2 people with jobs here. Plus you all would get in great shape.

    Lisa Skvarla
    Lee’s Martial Arts

  17. Julie in CA

    I wanted to commend you on your witty commentary about the unemployed life. I myself was laid off at the end of last August and actually just landed myself a job today – after 281 days (yes I actually counted). I grew up in the Seattle area and my Aunt forwarded me a news article link that contained your blog and I just wish I would have read it sooner. I have passed it along to a few of my friends here in the Los Angeles area who are unemployed so they can gain a new perspective that you’ve been so fortunate to find and have a few laughs along the way. I wish you the best of luck!

  18. You’ll find a fulfilling job before you know it. And besides, us Seinfeld fans out there know that the muffin top is the best part. Hang in there Keri ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Hi,

    Anyone that is in sales should look into a job with Idearc Media (AKA Superpages.com). They are always hiring new sales reps in their Kirkland or Everett offices. Here is a link.


    I am a former employee at Idearc. Pretty heavy phone sales but you can make a decent living there if you can slang on the phone.

    Good Luck all.

  20. Catherine

    Thanks for sharing the humor–I knew I wasn’t the only one in “housepants” struggling with the muffin top, but it sure does feel like it! How have you cut back on the ice cream, BTW? I haven’t figured out how to do that yet…

    Let me know next time there is a funemployment field trip to the coffee shop, wine bar, market, swingset, etc. I’m in!

    “They say I have ADD, but they just don’t understand. Oh, look! A chicken!”

  21. Sharon

    I, too, was recently laid off by Microsoft (in May) and while it was a nice break at first, I’m starting to feel the effects of being by myself most of the time. Thanks so much for reminding me that I’m really not alone, and that it doesn’t have to be so bad if you just make an effort to get back out amongst humans again. I’m looking into fun volunteer opportunities, and would love to join in the next one you plan!

  22. Chronic high levels of unemployment will be around for a while, because the so-called “economic stimulus” was essentially a bailout of politically-connected corporations, that is not being invested in future production. Small companies are having cash-flow problems, and there is minimal lending for startups to replace the jobs being lost in construction, finance, manufacturing, and elsewhere. I suggest getting ready for a situation in which jobs are chronically hard to find. Best of luck to all of you.

  23. Jeff Engels

    Hi,Read the article in the times and had to check this out.While Im still employed ,I work from home set my own schedule and live an odd lifestyle removed from most of my 9-5 friends.Im single and finding tons of single women online with….you guessed it No Jobs! Its odd after all these years of upward mobility and cash flowing all over the Sound to run into highly Educated attractive women who dont snub thier nose at me cause Im not a 6 figures guy,suddenly interested in a regular guy just because I have a good steady JOB.Anyway Im up late,need slacker friends and have a little disposable income.Perhaps I could adopt an unemployed person for the summer!Well its 3 pm and I have to check the mail,put together a report Ive procrastinated on,and pretend I have a life! Welcome to slacker land all you Hard Chargers,maybe it will stay sunny forever.Jeff g-landauer@msn.com

  24. Keri, I thoroughly loved this and I’m recommending it to the readers of my own weekly blog, The Northstar Journal, cited above. You’re provided the Greater Puget Sound with a valuable forum of ideas, resources, appropriate attitude, humor and hope. Eric Lactis wrote glowingly of you and I’m not only a contemporary of his but a long time fan. Bless you and keep up the good work. Warmest regards, Rusty Miller

  25. Hande

    Dear Lady of Leisure,

    I wasn`t aware of another “Lady of Leisure” in Seattle until a friend of mine, who also calls herself “Lady of Leisure”, emailed about your blog. And, honestly, we thought we`re so innovative and creative by calling ourselves “Ladies of Leisure”, haha ๐Ÿ™‚ I`m unemployed, too; but, I am just taking advantage of my free time that I`ve never had before – it is an awesome feeling, and I know that I`ll find a job sooner or later. I try to enjoy every second of this free period in my life. Job interviews… they aren`t a big issue. The biggest issue for me is, now, how to kill my leisure time as fancy as possible. And reading your blog is one of the best leisure activities I`ve had so far. Thanks for being another Lady of Leisure and thanks for being such proud of being unemployed…

    Seattle`s Ladies of Leisure… Unite on every Tuesday!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Take care,

    First Lady of Leisure (this is what I call myself originally)

  26. Sally in FL

    I was laid off in March and I am so glad I found this blog. (I moved to FL from Seattle and regularly read the Times.) It’s so nice to know that there are other people out there experiencing the same things I am.

  27. Sue

    Love your blog – just found it via Seattle Times article. I have all stages of the lounge pants too, and often mix in odd tops that don’t match, just for the “look”. The pizza and Chinese food delivery people can attest to this….

    Not that anyone cares but… here’s my story…I have been unemployed since Sept. ’07 -from my 9 year career in commercial real estate; had a short 4 month contract job at T-Mobile in ’08, then unemployed again. Moved from the luxury condo in the sky to “affordable” retro apartment somewhere on Queen Anne.. broke up with the best boyfriend… had a mini mental breakdown… doctor gave me Valium for a month… hmmmm. BTW, the cubical job at T-Mobile sucked. Anyway, more unemployment $ arrived as result of no more T-Mobile. Saved me! Summer ’08 sucked. Then…Herniated disc in my back arrived. What the HELL? Ungodly pain. No health insurance….On the floor literally for Nov. and Dec. ’08. 2008 sucked. Started out ’09 with mass pain drugs then a couple steriod shots in my back. Pain relief. Feeling better, but no golf or sex….Racked up massive debt at the doctors/hospital for herniated disc. Started “school” online in “purchasing” Jan. ’09- What the hell.. school now? I have a degree. I am 45 years old. Well, ok… Leased BMW went back…(oops, life lesson here again… don’t “lease” anything!)….CRIED and still cry about the car…. Bus rider expert now… well, not really expert, just experienced….Interesting people/life on the bus to say the least… but grateful for a good Metro system in general…and I borrow mom’s car…(just like as a teenager). Wow… I am now in the “Commissioner Approved Training” program and getting “Training Benefits” (super extended unemployment $). An “A” student now… into my third quarter of online classes… very lonely…still cry and still can’t sleep… Who is going to hire me for purchasing? Dream about my “past life” of workaholic with good pay…. Worried that I am going to have to really convince somebody/employer about this extended period of leisure… and the school thing… Entry level job? Tried internet dating…what the HELL… weirdos abound… too much effort required… but a few funny stories! Concerts at the zoo so far for fun… But I go for days without leaving my apartment -really. Me and my 3 cats are great nappers…I watch The View. I watch the garbage man each week. I watch for the mail. I watch the neighbors go to work and come home. I wonder if I talk to myself… hmmm… I religiously file for my unemployment on Sundays, and check my bank account for the Tuesday direct deposit of $ like a drug… Soon to file Ch. 7 bankruptcy… so sad, but that should stop the annoying collector calls eh?…I can’t afford therapy. God help me if I have to move to my mom’s house!

    And I continue the search for work like the rest of you… UGH. Oh well… it must get better sometime soon. Cheers!

  28. Your blogs bring a smile to my face. I wish I’d known about this last year when I was in the dumps about not having a job after MANY years in corporate America.
    I tried to sell Long Term Care insurance for a few months. after selling to everyone I know and love I was stuck with cold calling. (I would rather be unemployed) I decided to check out networking (very new concept for me) While at a networking event, I discovered SendOutCards and I have not looked back. It was love at first sight. Never again will I be without a JOB, because I have my own biz.
    Check it out..www.soclink.com/lyndabilo I think you will be impressed.

  29. Ginger

    Love the blog and keep it up!

    I’ve been laid off since December and I can definitely relate…
    Sleeping like shit
    Crying spells, laughing spells, crying spells, laughing spells
    Going unshowered and wearing the same pair of house pants (or house shorts) for days on end.

    I haven’t eaten ice cream with a fork yet but it’s on my to do list.

    Raising a glass of wine (at 8:40am) to all LOLs ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Joni

    Loved that article in the Times! Lounge pants with pockets are the best. Then you can carry around the cell phone at all times….just in case you get a response from all the resumes you send out.
    I discovered Lifetime Movie Network and online gaming, my 2 new favorite timewasters while unemployed!

  31. Darcie

    Still laughing out load, amazing and so interesting to read. As a former Microsoft recruiter I still can’t find myself a job. I had a fantastic career and have helped so many people with their careers, now I join the unemployed. Your website is inspiring and a creative way to network. Please don’t forget about me, I want to join all the fun. I love what you’ve started, it makes me laugh. Today I feel motivated to write that book I always wanted to do, but thought I never had the time.

  32. Randy

    Just thought you might like to know that there is an article about you and your blog site in the Daily Item, a daily paper in Selinsgrove, PA. First page of the money section. Good article. You’re becoming famous. I’m sure you’ll land that big job soon.

  33. mango

    Iโ€™ve known for a couple years the job would be going away, as a result of one corporate initiative or another, so I had time to adjust to the idea. But when the word came 30 October 2008, the economic downturn was already well underway. I had not expected to do this career search under the conditions that have resulted. I linked to LOL from the 15 July Times piece “Seattle blogger in PJs unites the unemployed” and found a welcome respite. Iโ€™ve shared the humor with others; my wife and I have started referring to our house pants by โ€œlevelโ€. I came for the humor but yesterday found the single best career resource so far, the Events link to the free Prolango seminars. I went to Paul Anderson’s free Career Search 2.0 session this morning and was blown away. I was so impressed Iโ€™m going back tomorrow for his Interviewing session. http://www.prolango.com/ Thx for connecting me to this great resource.

  34. Fantastic site!

    I was emailed a link from a friend who thought I would enjoy your blog since I was recently laid off. And, I can definitely say, I’ve been very entertained… thank you!

    I’ll be adding your link to my blogroll (I’ve started blogging recently about my life of “active leisure” and I’d love it if you would consider doing the same!


  35. shortlisted24

    love your blog name. poeple also advised me to ditch the ‘loser complex’ about being unemployed and tell people that I am ‘consulting’. He he I’m not really folling anyone am I? also lookingfor a job and having some bizarre experiences in the process. I am also blogging about unemployment and more specifically the charming interviews that I have been on the the past few months. Check it out: http://polonytimes.blogspot.com/

  36. kishki

    I wrote a poem but please give me a break..Im not a very good poet but this sure sums up what is happening at Microsoft!

    They built crop of buildings
    They filled them up
    They built another town
    And filled That up

    They kept on going
    Never seems to end
    They tear down the forests
    They make new friends

    I want to be the filling
    To be part of the team
    It all brings a tear
    I want to be seen!

    I used to be noticed
    I used to be seen
    They wanted me so badly
    They gave me more beans

    Who are all those people?
    Who are the new cream?
    I don’t speak their language
    Are they the new team?

    They think they are better
    Than the creators of the Tech
    So they fill the buildings with their people
    And the creator’s children collect unemployment checks.

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