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Pink-slips are uniting!

I just have to say thank you to all the people who came to the Pink-Slips Unite meeting in W. Seattle today. It’s SO nice to see everyone connecting and sharing their stories of unemployment and I truly believe that together we can help each other land the job we want. If not the job, maybe these meet-ups just get you showered (or some form of it) and out of your house pants in order to connect with people in similar boats. 

The talent in the room is incredible and each of you has something unique to bring to the table. We are all experts at something and we have a chance to really pull together, learn from each other and make shit happen. Looking forward to the next meeting. Once I lock down the details, I will post it on the “events” page of my website.

One final thought. My lovely pink-slip lady (tag line is “the aspiring young novelist”) has a phone interview tomorrow and she is very excited about this job. I just wanted to send her some good energy through this post. And, I will do that for every one of you so that those that read the post, will also think about this person for one second.

Pink-slips (or unemployed people) Unite!



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The video resume

So, a couple weeks ago while spinning on my cycle trainer, I came up with a great idea of starting a video resume website to help differentiate candidates from the other wolves in the job-hunting pack. However, like most of my ideas, someone already beat me to the punch. tried it a few years ago and now a local company, InterviewStudio, has launched something more robust. They are also offering FREE services to the first 1000 applicants, so it might be worth checking out. I know nothing about this company, so this post doesn’t necessarily mean it has the LOL stamp of approval. Just sharing because most jobless people really like free stuff.

As much as I think a video resume is probably a decent idea, I’m just not sure that I am confident I can keep a straight face during the taping of my video resume. In fact, I am pretty sure I would at some point want to “worm-out.” Now, for those that don’t know what worming-out means and need a visual, check out the Orville Redenbacher Popcorn commercial. Most of my good friends know my motto “when in doubt, worm-out” and have witnessed me on several occasions worming-out in bridesmaid dresses on the dance floor, or during a long musical interlude at karaoke. Bummer I missed Orville’s casting call. 

The worm adds that flavor and shock-factor to any given situation. When people are in shock, they tend to forget what it was they were doing prior to being shocked. For example, you are sitting in a meeting with your boss…or wait, jobless people don’t usually have bosses. OK, um…how about you are in a heated situation (argument with spouse, job interview that’s going side-ways, etc.) and you are getting grilled to the wall about something. This person is being a real prick trying to trip you up,  your head starts spinning and you can’t find any words to recover the situation. The tension in the room is increasing. What do you do? You worm-out. Straight up, just do it. What’s the worst that could happen? And, if you are jobless, you really have nothing to lose, right? I mean, if you find yourself being grilled in an interview, this person is a prick and there’s a good chance you don’t want to work for prick anyway, right? So why not worm-out? There are really only two things that could happen. The guy will either laugh and hire you on the spot because he just realized that he needs comic relief in his office. Or, the interview will end abruptly, not wasting anymore of your time away from house pants. Furthermore, you will be remembered thus differentiating yourself from the other candidates. I only wish I remembered to worm-out after I got laid off. Damn, that would’ve been a hell of an exit!

OK, so enough about the worm and back to the video resume idea. After watching some of the interviews produced by InterviewStudio, I sort of feel they lackluster. But maybe that’s because I’m rarely good at being all business, similar to the backside of a mullet hair-do.  On the resume video front though, I think I really prefer what my friends over at Unemploymentality have come up with. You should check it out, it’s pretty entertaining and doused with extra cheese sauce.

Curious how many people have ever done or considered doing a video resume? If you’ve done one, leave a comment and let me know what you thought of it and whether or not it got you any interviews. 



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The ties that bind

Well, it’s official. Monday was the final drop of all things belonging to my former employer. It totally felt like a relationship break-up, where after about 2 months post break-up conversation you finally decide that it’s really over and set a time to meet and exchange the box of goods that had accumulated at each others houses over time. I returned five things, but only left with two items – my Rubix Cube and my small white board, as these had sentimental value. The white board wasn’t used to track projects and deadlines, instead it was called the “sneeze-tracker” and kept a tally of the daily sneeze explosions in our cramped cube space ; it often made people chuckle. And the Rubix Cube is just a simple reminder that my life is also a colorful puzzle that takes time to sort itself out. Unlike the Rubix Cube though, my life doesn’t come with easy to follow instructions explaining how to solve the puzzle. But it does come with its own internal guidance system and on Monday, as I made my final exit through the doors, I heard it loud and clear. An overwhelming sense of relief, reassuring me that this break-up was a good thing. I knew that I would no longer feel bound.  
I give my best to those still standing.  It can’t be easy to go into the office every day and see the empty seats of your fallen comrades. I wish you all well and ask only one thing. Email me at home when you sneeze :). The sneeze-tracker is back in action and the operator is standing by in house pants.
Steven Miller Photography, "Bound"

Steven Miller Photography, "Bound"

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Branding the unemployed

Thank god the pink-slip fashion police weren’t patrolling my neighborhood this morning or I would’ve been ticketed. I was sleeping off  the Advil PM when I woke to the sound of the garbage truck. As I was yelling “shit” (and likely other profanities), I jumped out of bed, ran to the back door and slid into my red gardening clogs. There I went, rushing down the driveway, trash can in tow, towards the curb wearing my level 1 pin-stripe house pants with blown out knees.

Now, this isn’t the first time I’ve broken the LOL club member rules relating to house pants and trash duty. In fact, I do this pretty regularly and I have received looks from a couple neighbors (that don’t yet know I am jobless ) and I know what they’re thinking as they climb into their car on their way to work  “Wow, look at that. Doesn’t she know she looks like shit?”

I am not the only jobless person who’s considered wearing a sign in order to explain why we don’t always look put together. Newsweek just did a feature on a pink-slipped father who’s not only emasculated by the fact that his wife is now bringing home the bacon while he plays Mr. Mom, but what’s worse is that when he drops his kids off at school he’s receiving strange looks from all the mothers in the other cars. And he’s sick of it and wants to make things easier for everyone to understand by stitching a “Scarlet U” on his clothing.

One new reader reported yesterday that she’s wearing a different type of branding and says that “people actually recoil in horror” after learning she’s joined the “masses of the unemployed”  as if she’s “contracted some kind of  laid-off leprosy.” She also seems to be wearing a second sign, a “Scarlet B” because she came from two of the industries responsible for taking down our economy, never mind the fact that she was on the commercial side, her potential employers don’t seem to care.

“Laid-off Leprosy”  reader, this post is dedicated to you. Today is the day that you trade in your old signs for something new. An LOL sign is a badge of honor and a slightly more positive spin on a really shitty situation. Best of luck to you.


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Seattle pink-slips unite

Am I the only one who’s still jobless in Seattle and sitting alone unshowered in my house pants until 5pm every day? Where are all the other pink-slipped Seattle-metro area layoffs hiding out? Are you under a rock wallowing in self pity or are you the one I spotted at Unemployment Lake sporting a Snuggie?

If this describes you or one of your friends who own a pink-slip, sounds like its time for a Lady of Leisure intervention. At Lords and Ladies of Leisure, it’s our goal to force socialization and make sure we stick together and have fun as we journey through the land of unemploymentality together. So, if you are sick and tired of the pink-slipped version of your former self, and interested in sharing your story please send me a note at[at] gmail [dot] com.

Pink-Slips Unite!


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Pink-slip party splits hairs over fries

Yesterday I had lunch with two of my pink-slip pals from Microsoft and I was pleasantly surprised at how relaxed they both seemed. While the media tries to instill fear with all the doom and gloom, then attempts to season that bad news with one slightly more positive piece about a Turkish man who escapes near death, it’s nice to see that there are still a handful of us trying to embrace this time off rather than fighting what’s out of our control. Or so I thought…

While we all seemingly appeared to be cool with our greatly reduced incomes, and we chose a location that didn’t have any pink-slip lunch specials and required us to pay for metered parking, when our lunch bill finally came for 2 pitchers of PBR ($18), 3 wild boar sloppy joes ($30) and 2 sides of fries ($6), I felt that awkward pause as we all tried to digest the $60 bill. Someone finally broke the silence with, “should we just split this three ways?” Someone (uh, that’d be me) responded with, “I didn’t order fries and only ate a handful of yours.” Someone delivered a “well I didn’t drink my fair share of beer so…”

Well, there is is. I was guilty of trying to split hairs over $6 worth of fries, as my fear of running out of money took hold. Seems I am not immune to media influence after all.


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Using the “I was recently laid off” line to get things for free

Well, today I drove to DT Seattle to go to my dentist appointment and parked Jerry Jetta at Pacific Place. When I went to check in, they said that my appointment was NEXT week. So, I used the line “so I was recently laid off and I was wondering if you’d still validate my parking; it was my mistake I realize – I can’t seem to keep track of the days of the week now that I don’t have a schedule!” She smiled and said, “Sure, I think we can do that for you” and handed me four dollars worth of tokens. “Wow” I thought to myself, “that was really nice” and headed back to my car.

Then I got to the ticket counter at Pac Place, handed the lady my ticket and it rang up as “no charge” because it had only been 10 minutes. So, using the line “I was recently laid off” paid off for me today and I have $4 in parking tokens at Pacific Place which will pay for one hour of parking in the future.

So – use that line and let me know what you get for free – guarantee it works – for drinks especially!










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