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Sleepless in Seattle

When I picture a “lady o f leisure”, I see a woman who’s cold chillin’ – she’s well rested, relaxed, and has a carefree way about her. She’s doesn’t have to jack herself up on coffee each morning, just so she can stimulate her brain enough to remember the English language in order to write cover letters for job applications on-line. She’s not on night five of the Flip-master 5000. Translation…the Flip-master 5000 is the name of my nightly sleep routine. Flip-masters are very active, flipping from side to side an average of probably 15-20 times a night. Each flip, requiring a half-conscious pillow adjustment so that it’s tucked just right under the neck and head.  And, we don’t look like sleeping beauty when we sleep; instead we have a furrowed brow and look very serious and we are serious – serious about trying to get a good night sleep!

Anyway – just had to rant a bit about the no sleeping thing. I’m much better today though thanks to Advil PM, but hate the idea of having to pop pills all the time just to shut me down for a night sleep. If anyone has any good sleep tips, drop me a comment.


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