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5 things to do before you get a job

  1. Get a freaking tan. The sun is out (or was) and a good dose of Vitamin D will improve your mood. Men – your super white ass upper thighs need to see the sun for once in their life. Strap on a Speedo. Grab some SPF and head to the beach. Get creative with it. Own it. Flaunt it. Life’s short and what’s the worst that could happen? You burn your white thighs and someone may gawk? So what? When they start to gawk, walk up to them wearing “it” and ask them if they have any Grey Poupon? Why not? You’ll get a laugh. They’ll get a laugh. Everybody wins!
  2. Go on a vacation. Get out of town. Get away from the job-search, soul-search, date-search. You don’t have to spend a fortune. The goal is to shake up your ordinary routine. The routine that’s being forced and not responding to the pressure.
  3. Take a day hike during the middle of the week. Get in your car and drive 45 minutes east on I-90. There are a ton of day hikes with incredible vistas. Bring some Scooby snacks and enjoy the sights and sounds. Remember, your employed friends are enjoying the sites and sounds of cube farms across America. Weee!
  4. Have a BBQ party at noon on a Wednesday, even if it’s just with yourself.
  5. Do something you’ve always wanted to do. Wear that Speedo. Start that hobby. Take that drive. Make that call. Whatever “it” is might just be the thing that opens doors to the next big thing.


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Back to reality

From 80 degrees and sunny to 50 degrees and rainy. It’s a real treat to be back. Why would anyone want to wear shorts and flip flops when you could be in flannel house pants and fleece jackets in May? And the whole idea of sitting in a beach chair oceanside sipping your morning coffee watching the sunrise, pondering snails and listening to the ocean kiss the shore is over-rated. relaxation station

Ok, enough with the sarcasm. I’ll admit it – the vacation was amazing and just what the doctor ordered. I strongly encourage every person who lost their job to go on vacation if they can afford it. If you don’t have any money in your rainy day fund, then ask your employed friends and family if they would be willing to donate some airline miles to your cause. Or, try eating PBJs and Top Ramen for a month and use the remaining grocery money for an airplane ticket out of Seattle. Do whatever you can to get out of your daily routine and unplug from your reality. It helps, believe me.

While my reality is still pretty much the same (still jobless with a mortgage), I do have a little more clarity about what I’d like to do next with my life and it’s pretty risky, especially in this economy. But, I think it’s worth the risk because as cliche as this is going to sound, life really is short and I don’t want to have any regrets. And for the past ten years, I’ve had the same big ass regret staring me in the face and it’s time to smack it down.

More to come on this later, just wanted to share my initial thoughts post vacation. Oh and the muffin top is very brown and a little bigger – oops. Guess those are signs of a relaxing vacation! Now it’s time to download photos and re-live my vacation from the comfort of my house pants. Lates!

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Sending Mr. Should packing

I hate Mr. Should. He’s the one that says “you should take the first job that comes along” and then applies duct tape to the mouth of other voice inside you that says  “despite the fact that this job might bore you to death or suck out your soul.” Mr. Should plays it safe. He doesn’t take risks. He doesn’t rock the boat. He’s a simple character that likes order and likes linear thinking. He doesn’t have access to his internal guidance system. Mr. Should is a dream-killer who uses fear and guilt to keep you in line.

Now there are times when Mr. Should knows what the hell he’s talking about. For example, I know that I shouldn’t go rob a bank or kill someone. Duh. Those actions are wrong and come with some pretty significant consequences. But when it comes to the job-search, I think Mr. Should should shut the hell up so one can hear the other voice speak. But right now, I can’t hear anything but “should, should, should” and it’s starting to piss me off.

So, despite the fact that my savings is dwindling, I’m about to do something that’s going to make Mr. Should’s skin crawl. Why? Because getting a pink-slip sucked. Searching for a job sucks. Rejection sucks. And it’s time to treat myself to something that doesn’t suck. A vacation. Yes, I am aware of Mr. Shoulds list of consequences, but in my mind the worst thing that could happen is that I blow some money and the best thing that can happen is that the change of scenery might just clear the fog off my windshield so that I can see where I am going. I’m hoping that this reprieve will bring some clarity to my career search and ultimately help me articulate my dream.

For one week, I will not blog and I will not wear house pants. Instead, I will be in shorts on vacation with my muffin top dreaming about the possibilities of my future career. A reminder for all who are unemployed from my friend LadySlipper who so eloquently stated that “you are unemployed, not a convicted felon who’s not allowed to leave the premises.”  Sometimes, you just have to get out, so do it.

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